Our History

The Colegio Dominicano was founded on September 1, 1980 on Juan Pablo Duarte Avenue as a morning school. In 1983, it was moved to La Calle Del Sol No. 4 where afternoon sessions were opened. In 1992, it was converted into a multilingual and multicultural institution by implementing English and French as foreign languages into the curriculum. In 1993, the location was moved to Km. 4 ½ on the Carretera Santiago-Licey.

Since 2004, we have been an institute that serves as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification center (certifications in Word, Powerpoint, Access, and Excel), following the top guidelines for technological advancement. Since 2017, we have received an “Ecoescuela” certificate, granted by the Institute of Environmental Law of the Dominican Republic (IDARD) and the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) for the work we complete for the protection of our environment.

As time passes, we continue to venture into new educational strategies of the moment to provide our students with the most updated and modern programs.

Philosophical Guidelines

Our goal is to offer an education based on the promotion of personal values that sustain the intellectual and social development of our students.

Starting from that base, we intend to train young people capable of:



And put into practice the values that form an ethical conscience.


Be creative

And develop individual talents.


Be part of

And participate in the structure of a democratic society.



The work as a means of personal and social fulfillment.

What Defines Us.


To be an efficient educational institution, committed to forming individuals with a high level of ethics, who are able to engage in the scientific learning process, and who exhibit social awareness. To support our students in improving their human values, with the collaboration and integration of families.


To ensure that the community perceives our institution as an excellent option, that our teachers and administration are recognized as people with top quality values, academic training, and commitment to their social environment.


Spirituality. Integrity. Responsibility. Unity. Discipline.

Principios Pedágogicos

Colegio Dominicano Principios Pedagogicos Iconos-06

Promote ethical, philosophical, democratic, and patriotic values.

Colegio Dominicano Principios Pedagogicos Iconos-04

Promote a close relationship between the school and family.

Colegio Dominicano Principios Pedagogicos Iconos-02

Value cultural diversity while preserving Dominican culture.

Colegio Dominicano Principios Pedagogicos Iconos-01

Commitment to community

Colegio Dominicano Principios Pedagogicos Iconos-03

Scientific investigations

Colegio Dominicano Principios Pedagogicos Iconos-05

Active, evaluative participation and sense of belonging in their educational community.


The classrooms are centered around the student as an active member that builds their own knowledge using constructive strategies in an environment that encourages their own thought development. They use tools such as their critical thinking skills and each subject’s own processes to develop their knowledge.

This system transforms complexity into simple and concrete actions based on the development of life skills such as peaceful coexistence with others, social emotional skills, teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, confidence, leadership, and entrepreneurship in a global world in the 21st century.

The students achieve communication skills like listening, writing, speaking, the ability to collaborate, and participate in groups. They use technology and communication to contribute to the purpose of offering a relevant, contextualized education to construct a better, united world for everyone.

The students are at the center of the process. The teachers direct and guide the activities that lead to the achievement of our curricular goals.

Educational Facilities

  • Biology Lab.
  • Physics Lab.
  • Homework Room.
  • Auditorium.
  • Stage.
  • Bookstore.
  • Multipurpose Room.
  • Security cameras.

  • Math Lab.
  • Three computer labs with modern computer systems to share resources and information.
  • Basketball, soccer, and volleyball courts.
  • Special classrooms for teaching languages.
  • Conference auditorium for up to 300 people.
  • Laboratorio de Química
  • Huerto Escolar

Complementary Services

Nurse, student insurance, preparation for the First Communion, community service opportunities, cafeteria, Service Pack (we order the books, uniforms, and other school supplies you need). The date for the Service Pack is specified in the school calendar.


Student health insurance

Preparation for First Communion

Community Services

Coffee shop

Service pack

Certificación de Microsoft

Excursiones educativas

DELF (Diploma de estudio de la Lengua Francesa)