Colegio Dominicano bases its teaching in the programs implemented through the Department of Education. We reinforce these programs with activities and subjects that complement and enrich the education of each student, offering a modern education with the goal of being a modern, constructive, and formative institution.


Language Studies

El lenguaje es el instrumento por excelencia mediante el cual comunicamos y transmitimos nuestro bagaje cultural de generación a generación, por lo que en el contexto educativo del Colegio Dominicano existe la realidad multilingüe y multicultural lo cual reviste una importancia decisiva en la formación del individuo.


When learning Spanish, we pay attention to strengthening oral communication abilities, enriching vocabulary and grammar knowledge, learning expressive reading and writing, and reading comprehension to reach a high level of mastery of their native language.


With math, we use the development of logical thinking in order to solve problems. Through the mastery of this subject, students reach their capacity to discern the origin of matter and reach their potential of intellectual capacity within all branches of knowledge.


The purpose of this program is to awaken the artistic, cultural, and human sensitivity in our students by giving them opportunities to connect with the fine arts, exhibitions, and crafts.


Fomentar en los estudiantes un pensamiento crítico y científico que les permita conocer el mundo que los rodea y  utilizar diversas metodologías para estudiar los fenómenos que ocurren en la naturaleza.

Social Studies

Through the topic of social studies, we awaken the historical-civic awareness in students. A focus is placed on the interrelation of economic, political, and social development with the geography of all countries, as well as with their history, art, and culture.

Orientation and Psychology

Da soporte en el desarrollo conductual, emocional y cognitivo a familias, estudiantes, profesores, padres, personal administrativo y de apoyo y maneja el programa de educación en valores.

Technology Skills

Technological literacy begins in preschool and culminates in high school, being used as an indispensable educational resource for learning. It facilitates and streamlines the educational and social processes. It promotes knowledge, interaction, efficiency, and productivity in the classroom between teachers and students. High school students are offered training in design, analysis, and programming. In addition to these courses, they are also offered a certification in a Microsoft Office Specialist certification course (MOS-2020). This certification includes training in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Access.

High school students are offered training in design, analysis, and programming. In addition to these courses, they are also offered a certification in a Microsoft Office Specialist certification course (MOS-2020). This certification includes training in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Access.

Environmental Education

The fundamental objective in this theoretical and practical program is to train individuals to be capable of collectively assuming the responsibility of creating and enjoying a sustainable society. It is also important that they are trained on how to contribute to the strengthening of the educational processes that allow maintaining appropriate environmental conservation measures to collaborate with current and future generations. We are recognized as an Eco-School by the International Eco-Schools Award Certificate for all the work we have accomplished through this program. Ecoescuela por Internacional Eco-Schools  Award Certificate.

Foreign Languages

Reaching a mastery of these languages allows them to integrate themselves into the cultural and economic development of other countries. They are acquired as foreign languages through specialized programs, with English beginning in preschool and French beginning in fifth grade. Both programs continue until the last year of high school. These projects are endorsed through Alliance Francais, in charge of French, and Winthrop University in South Carolina that gives us support in English, including some of our preschool and elementary teachers being graduates of the College of Education.

School Projects and Activities

  • Math Olympics
  • Geography Conference
  • School field trips
  • Spanish Orthography Competition
  • Calligraphy Competition
  • Short story/ Essay contests
  • Bonding Workshops
  • Civic and Ecological Awareness
  • French Culture Celebration
  • Informational Talks/Workshops
  • English: Writing/Research Project, Spelling Bee Contest, Oral Presentations, STEM Night
  • Commemoration of national holidays    
  • Family Day
  • Library sessions
  • Science Fair
  • Community service
  • Artistic activities
  • STAR Night Awards Ceremony
  • Christmas Party
  • End of year Gala
  • Sports clinics : Volleyball, Ping Pong, Soccer, Basketball
  • Intramural sports


Occupational Safety and Hygiene Program (Department of Labor Protocols)

24 Hour surveillance

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Information Network Program

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Closed circuit of cameras

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Internal Information System

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First Aid

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Fire Prevention


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Infants and Toddlers

7:45 AM to 1:00 PM

Pre-Kindergarten-Kindergarten and Pre-Elementary

7:45 AM to 1:45 PM

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First to Sixth

7:25 a.m. a 2:05 p.m.

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High school

Depending on the established schedule for each grade

7:25 a.m. a 2:10 p.m. o 4:00 p.m.

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Flag Act


7:25 a.m


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