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The educational community of the Colegio Dominicano, through this page, gives you the warmest welcome. Going through it gives us the opportunity to show everything done in 41 years of hard work, where objectives, dreams and goals are combined to publicize the trajectory of our educational community.

We are an institution committed to our society with the purpose of training individuals with integrity in their human, academic and social formation so that they serve their country in a dignified manner.

Welcome to this medium that we put at your disposal.

Lic. Melba Pacheco de Ozcoidi


What Defines Us.


To be an efficient educational institution, committed to forming individuals with a high level of ethics, who are able to engage in the scientific learning process, and who exhibit social awareness. To support our students in improving their human values, with the collaboration and integration of families.


To ensure that the community perceives our institution as an excellent option, that our teachers and administration are recognized as people with top quality values, academic training, and commitment to their social environment.


Spirituality. Integrity. Responsibility. Unity. Discipline.

Principios Pedágogicos

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Promote ethical, philosophical, democratic, and patriotic values.

Colegio Dominicano Principios Pedagogicos Iconos-04

Promote a close relationship between the school and family.

Colegio Dominicano Principios Pedagogicos Iconos-02

Value cultural diversity while preserving Dominican culture.

Colegio Dominicano Principios Pedagogicos Iconos-01

Commitment to community

Colegio Dominicano Principios Pedagogicos Iconos-03

Scientific investigations

Colegio Dominicano Principios Pedagogicos Iconos-05

Active, evaluative participation and sense of belonging in their educational community.


Colegio Dominicano bases its teaching in the programs implemented through the Department of Education. We reinforce these programs with activities and subjects that complement and enrich the education of each student, offering a modern education with the goal of being a modern, constructive, and formative institution.


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Santiago-Licey Road Km. 4 1/2,
Urbanization Los Laureles Santiago, Rep. Dom.

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