Education based on values.
Bilingual Education.


The objectives for High School are:
To promote the comprehensive education of children from 1 to 5 years olds, expanding their capabilities through rich, stimulating experiences and plenty of processes that enhance their: cognition, perception, memory, imagination, expression, communication, understanding, emotions, and values through pedagogical methods and playful socialization.
To foster creative interactions with the environment that, together with the implemented pedagogical methods, allow for important achievements in the development of a child’s socio-emocional growth (self-esteem, identity, and self-appreciation), expression and communication (oral, written, musical, sensory, and bodily), and cognitive thinking (logical-mathematical processing and natural and social environmental awareness).
To stimulate, in a specific way, the development of gross motor skills that allow the child to recognize and manage their body agilely, with adequate posture control, balance, spacial mastery, and the coordination of fine motor skills that will correctly prepare the child for the reading and writing process.
To acquire proper eating habits and healthy personal hygiene that raises awareness about valuing good health.

Preschool Benefits:

Improves memory

Develops creativity

Increases concentration

Other languages become easier to learn

Exposure to other languages and cultures

Specialized teaching staff for each area

Grades starting from infants (8 months or older) until kindergarten (5 years old)

Continuation of grades through elementary and high school


To foster growth in a critical and creative way with access to scientific, technological, artistic, and social knowledge - in relationship to life with nature, in a way that prepares the learner for the higher levels of the educational process and connects them to society and work.
To develop communication skills for reading, understanding, writing, listening, speaking, and correctly expressing oneself.
To broaden and deepen the logistical and analytical reasoning for interpreting and finding solutions to science problems, technological problems, and daily problems encountered in life.
To foster the understanding and comprehension of the realities of the nation in order to encourage attitudes that promote values like solidarity, tolerance, democracy, justice, social coexistence, cooperation, and reciprocating help.
To learn English and French (with French starting in 5th grade in elementary school) in order to acquire skills exclusive to being multilingual such as the multicultural experiences of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in other languages.

To promote the formation of values important to human development such as values that are social, ethical, artistic, etc.
Fomentar el interés y el desarrollo de actitudes hacia la práctica investigativa.
Continued in high school.


Los objetivos del nivel secundario son:
To develop the capabilities of a learner, orienting their skills and interests and elevating their level of understanding through the construction of knowledge, enabling their efficient advancement into higher education and providing responses to the demands of society and the requirements of our socio-cultural world and workplaces.
To contribute to a deeper awareness of the current changes shown through the use of logistical operations and the capacity to reflect which allows students to question reality and engage in more complicated cognitive processes.
To improve their understanding of the world, social relationships, the ecological problems, and the national and universal socio-cultural reality.
To encourage the development of attitudes, the construction of concepts, and the use of procedures that allow children to participate in society in a critical and conscientious way, with the capacity to contribute to the common good.

Fundamental Advantages

  • The acquisition of two additional languages beyond native Spanish (English and French). además de la lengua materna (inglés y francés).
  • Specialized training in computer sciences (a Microsoft Office Specialist accreditation is available). (Disponibilidad de titulación Microsoft Office Specialist).
  • Learn French endorsed by Alliance Francaise and receive preparation for the DELF tests (Certificate of French Language Studies) validated by the French Ministry of Education, which provides access to French universities. y preparación para Pruebas DELF (Certificado de Estudios de la Lengua Francesa) validado por el Ministerio de Educación de Francia, lo cual le sirve para acceder a las universidades francesas.